How to stop all numbers from being superscript?

I recently installed IBM PLEX Serif and Source Serif Pro fonts. All numbers, commas, and certain other characters in these fonts appear as superscript. How do I get them to behave normally? Does this have something to do with a ‘fractions’ setting?


Just type “a1”. If it appear as “a¹” it seems that those characters (numbers, commas, etc.) in this font resemble superscript text.
Try also to apply other font (say: Arial) to the same text.

“a1” appears as “a¹”. Changing to Arial fixes the issue. Does this mean that I should avoid problem fonts, or is there a work-around?


Just downloaded IBM PLEX Serif, and this is not the case. Can you give more context info?

I was thinking of Text figures.

Does this have something to do with a ‘fractions’ setting?

Might well be. What if you write a123/456?

@RGB-es might give you a useful advise, I bet.

‘a123/456’ appears as all superscript.

I downloaded the font file from Might there be a different/better version?
“267 When all your numbers are superscript,” From InDesign Secrets, describes my problem exactly, and provides a fix for InDesign involving TrueType “fractions.” Unfortunately, this make no sense to me relative to LibreOffice Writer.

@CuriousCousin, did you played with the “features” menu in the font setting? Because there is a bug there (it’s partially fixed in 7.0 beta) that adds the “frac” tag to the font name, no matter if you want it or not.

Look at the font name box, if you see something like IBM Plex Serif:frac=1 then you found the problem: the tag activates the “fraction” OpenType option (in addition to adding a nonsensical =1 parameter, but that’s another problem). Just edit your styles and delete everything in the font name starting with the colon. If that doesn’t work, please edit your question to attach a sample document presenting the problem.

Alikazam! You nailed it. Problem solved.
And thanks to Mike Kaganski’s reference to you, I discovered your website and awesome book, To Tame a Writer. Today is double bonus day. Thank you!!