How to stop Altgr from working as Left Alt

I am using a custom keyboard layout with Altgr mapped character sequences. Libre writer types first character in sequence and then opens menu as if I pressed Left Alt. This does not happen in other programs. How can I stop it from using Altgr as Left Alt. I deleted all shortcuts using Alt or Ctrl+Alt. Still I cannot disable Alt Menu Navigation as it is integrated deeply into Windows. Why Word and Notepad do not release Altgr after first character while Writer allows only one character with Altgr and then begins to work as Left Alt. This is really sad as I do not have any other way than copying from Notepad after sometime so that my layout works. I am using version on Win7 x64.

Can you get a non-Microsoft authored piece of software to recognise your custom keyboard layout? Also, have you selected a particular keyboard layout and then modified it some keys? If yes, what is the underlying layout? Just trying to determine where the problem may lie as I don’t use Alt Gr (right Alt).

It works in Firefox,Chrome and many more as long as there is no Ctrl+Alt+{any other normal key} shortcut. The layout is based on US_eng and is basically used to enter a letter with a vowel sound in an ASCII based Gurmukhi Font.If font is English,you would see ‘i’ with i,‘I’ with Shift+i,‘ie’ with Altgr+i and ‘ei’ with Altgr+Shift. It sounds odd to type ‘ie’ as you can type simply i and e,but in my Gurmukhi font it seems ok as it is basically one character made with two keys. I posted a bug,link:

download attachment in bug,its my layout,try Altgr+i,it should give you ‘ie’,Alt+Shift ‘eI’. Similarly two character sequences can be generated with few other keys.

OP: @gagmani