How to stop footers and headers from appearing

i have no interest in installing footers and headers.

how do i stop the option note from appearing?

i have everything unchecked i can possibly find and when i get to the beginning or start of a page the blue notice window
for a page footer or page header still appears.


If e.g. the header is off and you click on the edge of the page the light blue option note appears. It’s just an easy way to create a header. If you do not need them click inside the page to write and the option note disappears again. But there is no header. Just ignore the option note and write your text. There are no problems with that.

Bug 118621 - Optionally disable floating header/footer menu

great. just what i am looking for - where is that setting - ‘Optionally disable floating header/footer menu’?

Sadly, nowhere. The link point to a bug report asking for such feature: it seems to be an “easy hack,” but someone needs to implement it.