How to stop Impress auto-running a .ppsx file?

Whenever I open a .ppsx file Impress automatically starts the slide show. And when I click ‘escape’ to exit the slideshow the whole app shuts down. How do I stop this?

A “.ppsx” file is not a simple “presentation” file but a “show” file, and is meant to run the show.

It should be possible to stop the show and proceed to inspect/edit slides. When that doesn’t work, you could try the “open” command line switch: simpress.exe -o slideshow.ppsx

I can’t see a stop button. But I see this answer says you can open the file without running it by right-clicking and saying ‘New’ not ‘Open’, which works: How to exit an autostart slideshow without exiting LibreOffice

Theoretically (can’t test at the moment), using “New” should create a new document using this document as a template. Isn’t there aa “Edit” menu item?