How to stop inserted gif stills being made fuzzy?

I could insert single Gif images into an .odt fie in OpenOffice. The old ones still appear sharp in the document, now I’ve moved up to LibO.
But when I try to insert new gif images they appear fuzzy. When exporting as html, the new images are stored as sharp Gifs. But they are blurred when exporting to pdf.
Why is no option given now to insert them as sharp, why is that not the default, and what does one have to do to get them sharp? Do I have to go back to OO?!

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Why is no option given? Because you clicked Export directly as pdf , i.e. no options.

When you export to pdf use File > Export as > Export as PDF. A PDF Options dialog box will open, select the General tab. Under Images you can select lossless compression, or for jpg compression 85% and a resolution of 150dpi is fine for on screen viewing, 90% and 300dpi is generally fine for printing. Once you have made the settings to your liking then you can use Export directly as pdf and it will use those settings.

More info in help or in Guides. Cheers, Al

Thanks for trying but this does not address the question. As I explained, they appear blurred WHEN I INSERT THEM INTO THE .odt . Clearly specifying lossless in the pdf parameters chart, which I’ve been doing for years, would have been AFTER inserting them into the odt, and already they’re blurred. I doubt if it is possible to insert sharp GIF images into LibO, though if anyone has any concrete evidence against this I’d be interested to see it - and especially to know all the parameters settings involved. Unfortunately I cannot go back to OO as the downloads contain malware and so do any files made using it.

Have you got a sample? Click edit just below your question and add a short sample odt by clicking the paperclip icon. Cheers, Al

At different zoom settings there may be the appearance of blurring as edges don’t match pixel placement. This is a display issue as opposed to actual blurring.

Hi Earnest Al! Thanks for suggesting attaching a sample. As I was preparing one, I investigated once more with the page format, and found that although the transfer from OO to LibO had preserved some of the page format details from the original file, including increased height and width of the page way above normal, the margins seem to have been changed? Anyway, the new images don’t fit into the pages until you increase the page margins. Or maybe under OO the images that overlapped the margins but were still within the whole page, used to be accepted. Anyway, I reduced the page margins and now the image fits and doesn’t have to be shrunk - which was what caused the blurring! Thanks for your patience!

It sounds like your gif images are too low resolution.