How to stop libreoffice adding itself to my favorites in the KDE start menu all the time?

LibreOffice adds itself to my favorites in the KDE start menu and re-inserts itself everytime it’s removed. Even deleting the link via sudo rm only works until the next update.
I consider this behaviour malicious. Please stop.

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Installing a shortcut in the KDE menu is a decision of the distribution maintainers, not of the LO developers. Consequently, edit your question to mention your distro name and version. Depending on the package manager or installation method, it may be impossible to change this.

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This happens to all KDE installs I did independent of maintainer and with only LibreOffice, no other package. I did mention KDE twice. While it could still be a maintainer issue I doubt it.
“Cui bono?” led me here.

I did not find an explanation to what the tags entailed. I changed it.

Still meta. To save tag changes, press Return twice. Tags are “labels” which can be monitored by contributors. They get notification when a question with their preferred tags are added or modified. Thus, correctly tagging a question is an “assurance” to get a quick answer.

Still no answer about the distro name. This is important to know how a package is formatted (main formats are .deb and .rpm; others exist like FlatPak or img (MacOS X which is not your case)).

“all KDE installs […] independent of maintainers”: does this mean you tried several distros?

I have no such problem in openSUSE Leap 15.1 (neither with the vanilla build, nor with one installed from the official repos). Thus, well, change the distro!

to my favorites in the KDE start menu

What do you mean by that? I’ve tested many distros using KDE and in almost all it adds entries to Office-submenu. So what is my favorites exactly? If you mean the leftmost panel in the KDE Menu / or the Favorites tab in KDE Starter - then I never saw LibreOffice being added there by means of LibreOffice installation packages.

Uninstall Libreoffice … and it wont appear in your favorits (or anywhere else)

But … if you dont want that, maybe one of these can help you