How to stop the Styles window opening when it is not wanted?

Recently while typing documents the Styles window keeps opening. It does it again and again, which is so annoying. I have never pressed f11. How can I stop this happening? It never used to happen.

This started to happen after an update? This happens when you are typing or when using the mouse/touchpad? Do you have a touchpad? What is your operating system? And LibreOffice version?

I am not aware that it started after an update. I have windows 10, I use a desktop pc with a conventional keyboard and mouse. I have no idea what version of LibreOffice I have, nor how to find that out. I have no technical knowledge about computers.

Menu Help - About LibreOffice.

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[How to find out the version number information for LibreOffice?](http://How to find out the version number information for LibreOffice?)

When I click on that link I get a message saying “This site can’t be reached”.


[How to find out the version number information for LibreOffice?](

Thanks, 7.13.2 (x64)

Alt+y,Alt+e brings up paragraph style. Is the Alt key getting stuck down/shorting/have a paperclip/staple under it? Sometimes, turning keyboard upside down and shaking can dislodge stuff, sometimes the keys can be prised off to remove foreign objects.

Following @EarnestAl comment: In my LibreOffice default customization, Alt+Y+Y is equivalent to F11.