How to sum a column

I know I can find the sum of a column by entering “=D1+D2+d3…” but there’s got to be a shorter way and I don’t remember it. Please help.

Try this:


Sorry, I tried this before i submitted the question. It does not add the column.

If it doesn’t then the cell content may be text instead of numbers, see this FAQ.

The column was Currency. I changed it to Number, removed the currency symbol, aligned the figures, and then copied to a new page. The numbers do not add, I simply get the first number in the column. Grantier’s example has a space after SUM and before the ( and another space before the : and I tried the formula with this spacing and with no spacing. It still does not add.

There is no space between SUM and ( above… anyway, spaces are cosmetic and don’t affect the formula.

Your numbers still not adding indicates the cell content really is of type Text instead Numeric. Please follow the procedure given in the FAQ above. Just changing the number display format and aligning content does not re-enter values. The values have to be re-entered after the number format was changed to something different than Text. Copying cells does not change anything.

I don’t know if anyone figured this out yet, or if anyone else has had this problem, but I did. The way I fixed it was to copy the block of numbers, and then ‘paste special’ back into the same block of numbers. Not sure what happened, I tried to reformat the column, then the specific cells, to number, but LibreCalc still refused to sum the numbers. Anyway, ‘paste special’ did the trick.

I needed values in Column F to display a “running total” of all values from a fixed upper cell in E (i.e. the start date) down to the current row which represents the current date (i.e. a new row of data is added each day).

At first I thought this was a simple matter of summing all values in E… for which Grantier’s answer works well. However, in keeping with the spirit of maintaining a running total, I realized what I really needed was a sum of the current day’s value in E with the previous day’s value from one row higher in F.

For that I used “=SUM(F4+E5)” in the F5 cell and then used the “fill handle” in the bottom right corner of F5 to drag that formula down column F as far as needed.

Either way seems to work. I think the second method is more appropriate for my task at hand. Thanks for helping me with this! Most of my spreadsheet work was done over 20 years ago in the mid-1990s so I’m a bit rusty. Fortunately, it comes back to me quickly when I try to remember it. Amazing how so little has changed in all this time!

Remove the commas… this seemed to Finally work for me.

Took me forever too to figure out and have wasted lots of time adding each cell.

Maybe you mean Remove the apostrophes… '?

Select the column, click Data > Text to Columns, make sure that you don’t have as a separator an character that appears in the numbers, and click OK

It could had helped to read the old comments and follow the FAQ I linked years ago…

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Your FAQ actually doesn’t include the solution that I found, that was another user in this thread who advised the “paste special” solution. Cutting the column cells, pasting it again as “number”. I had formatted it as numbers manually as directed by your FAQ, but it didn’t work.

You obviously have the knowledge to be helpful but instead you don’t listen and just assume everyone else is wrong because they didn’t read your FAQ, because if they did read your FAQ, there wouldn’t be a problem, so that’s that.

SUM is a really basic function and obviously a lot of people using Libre are having a problem with it. Instead of telling them they’re the ones that are wrong for not being able to do SUM and ultimately alienating them from using the program, you could try to listen to them when they tell you they tried what you said and it isn’t working.

Carat, possibly you didn’t read/understand/follow the FAQ or you would not have written what you did. What bit do you need help with? Cheers, Al

Cut and Paste Special does not change anything if the content was of type Text; content of type Text will be pasted as text, and if the origin was Text then pasting only Numbers will not paste anything. Whatever the content was, apparently the origin was different from what is described in the FAQ.

Changing number formats does not change content. The value strings need to be re-entered after that, which the various methods listed in the FAQ do.

Probably I listen too much. Good night.