How to summarise data in Base

I have a database (using Base in OpenOffice 4.1.1 using Windows 10) with various dates and distances cycled on those dates. I am wanting to summarise the data to show the total distance cycled each month and each year. From reading a Base handbook (obtained from LibreOffice) in chapter 7 on Linking to Databases it gives an example (fig 54) which seems to achieve this; this requires a data source to be viewed (View> Data Source) and then a table in the data source to clicked on and when a record in the table in clicked a number of icons become active, one of which is Data to Text. When this icon is clicked a new screen opens (headed Insert Database Columns) and allowing data to be inserted as either a table, a field or text. The handbook indicated that the table button should be clicked but in my case this is greyed out. How can I click this button or how else can I produce the required information?

If I wanted such a Form i would develop a Form with an embedded query.
The form can have field(s) that hold criteria and the underlaying query can calculate totals on columns.
For the fields with criteria I would choose a list box or a combo box.
Maybe it would be nice to have command button to refresh the content.