How to switch between English and Hebrew

I am running LibreOffice on MX17 (debian). I need to be able to switch between Hebrew and English within a document in Writer.
I first used Synaptic to download and install the Hebrew Interface, but I don’t want that.
Then I downloaded the Hebrew dictionary extension and activated that.
So far, all I can see is Hebrew listed the ‘Complex Text Layout’ in Options - Language Settings - Languages dialogue box.
I cannot find any way to activate the Hebrew characters within a document.

I have added the Hebrew pack to my Windows 10. In Libre START+SPACE and I see the Hebrew Keyboard option appears and even selecting it doesn’t let me type in Hebrew in Libre

To use Hebrew characters in LibreOffice, you don’t need any additional components for LibreOffice. You need to enable Hebrew keyboard layout on your OS level. Using that, you would enter Hebrew characters to LibreOffice just as you would to any other application. Try googling “Add Hebrew keyboard layout on Debian”.

Failing that, you could InsertSpecial character..., or use Alt+X to convert between a Unicode number and character.