How to synchronize CTL formatting to Western formatting in Writer?

I’m trying to import a Microsoft Word .docx document into Adobe InDesign. (Please bear with me for a moment, this question is actually about LibreOffice Writer.) The document is in a Western language and uses Latin and Cyrillic characters. It uses a couple of character and paragraph styles, but most of the formatting is specified inline. Although there is no sign of Arabic in the document, InDesign is mostly picking up the CTL Font formatting specified in the document instead of the Western Text Font that it should use.

How can I synchronize the CTL formatting of every bit of text with its Western formatting throughout a document?

Currently, the text is formatted using a couple of font families and many combinations of sizes and styles. All the formatting is specified as Western Text Font, and LibreOffice Writer displays it properly. Each piece of text, whatever its Western formatting is, specifies that in a CTL language (such as Arabic) it should be set in Times New Roman Normal 12 pt.

What I want is as follows: If a phrase is set in, for example, Minion Pro Italic 10pt, make its CTL formatting also Minion Pro Italic 10pt instead of the default Times New Roman.

In theory, I could use Search & Replace to manually add CTL formatting to every specific piece of text, but there are just too many different combinations of font family, style and size.

I’m using LibreOffice Still (x64) on Windows 10.