How to test if a cell is referenced by something else

Is there a way to know whether a cell is referenced by some other cell, or formula, before I delete its contents?

For example, if I have

| Row   |   A            |  B                     |
| ----- | -------------- | -----------------------| 
| 1     | Company        | Honda                  |
| 2     | Model          | Civic                  |
| 3     | Make and Model | = concat (B1, " ", B2) |

Of course, if I delete either B1, or B2, I would see the change in B3… But what if things are spread all over the workbook, perhaps in different sheets. Is there a way to safely test if something depends on either B1 or B2, before I delete them?

Thank you for any suggestions,

Have you tried Tools > Detective > Trace precedents (Shift+F9)?

aah, thank you. I wasn’t aware of the Detective tool. Very useful.