How to toggle design mode in base, on Mac

Something is eluding me. I wish to fiddle with a couple of fields. I find the toggle to design view ghosted. I try the View/Toolbars/design view and find it checked, but does not change the ghosted toggle icon. Could the procedure differ on Mac OS 10, Libre O ? Have also tried Right click on a field which does not change anything.
Thanks! JG

I don’t believe the procedure is different on the Mac. The ability to toggle design mode is only available when editing the form. If the form is opened normally, you cannot toggle to design view.

Not clear on “Right click” comment. Edit mode? What is being attempted?

Read of “Right-clicking” here as a method of accessing menu options. The real problem here is my inexperience with D/B in general, and my newness to the Mac world; it’s the 'lingo" I’m having to learn. If it is not possible to toggle between Edit and Design when working with a Form then I have grossly misunderstood all that I have read and learned in Frugal Computer Guy’s videos. Sorry. Can I edit a form which has already been created, save, and used? Thanks for your response! JG

Editing a form after completion and use is absolutely normal. Right click the form name and select Edit. Once in edit mode, you can toggle in and out of design (read Edit) mode to check your changes.

Note: Edit & Design mode are one and the same.

Thank you! That is twice you have helped this novice- not only to L. Office, but to databases in general, and if that wasn’t enough: to Mac as well. That worked, however it was not possible to toggle it back again (to use-it-as-a-database) mode, I agree that the lingo seems ambiguous, but in my efforts to toggle back I somehow erased all the data! Not to worry: I’m still in “testing” stage and had only ten records entered. Thanks!!!

Glad to help. This may also help - the LO documentation. All products including Base with some easy walk throughs - click here.

Thank you. Believe me: I have pored over these. The trouble I have most recently discovered is that my options are not those shown in the videos. He shows an easy way to alter the Format of a Date field. My Form Control box shows no such options. Could I be using an inappropriate version? on Mac OS10 JG

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