How to transfer numeric value of minutes into time format


I have a problem with transferring numeric values of minutes into time format - [HH:MM].
For example in the cell there’s number 90 displayed and this is number of minutes. I’d like to have it in [HH:MM] format, so it will show as 01:30 (1 hr 30 mins).

Thank You in advance for any ideas and best regards!

There are 24 hours in a day, each of them has 60 minutes.

24 * 60 = 1440


The TIME() function is your friend.


Thank You for prompt response.
I didn’t make myself clear enough, I’m sorry. What I meant is how to convert minutes number into [HH:mm] format in the same cell (change data presentation). Making a formula to another cell doesn’t work for me as I will need to copy these values to different spreadsheets. Is it even possible?

Once again I’m sorry if I made some confusion with my question.

No, you cannot do it with formatting only. You think that the number 90 in the cell represents an hour and a half. Calc is confident that it is 90 days, approximately three months.

… but you can type 1440 in, say, A1, copy the cell (not the value), then select your column B (where your minutes are stored, like 90 in B1, 83 in B2, etc.), and use Edit|Paste Special...|Paste Special (Ctrl+Shift+V) and select Divide in Operations there to get in-place what @JohnSUN advised in his great answer. Then you apply the formatting you need to the column B (that would be [HH]:MM, right?), and have (presumably) what you need.

Note that you are changing data that way, not only its representation (which is not possible in the way you want it).