How to translate some Basic code for Calc cell formatting to C#



Just started programming a C# project to create and fill a Calc spreadsheet with data. A lot of steps have been accomplished like creating a new spreadsheet, selecting cells, putting text values into cells and finally putting double values in a cel.

However now I would like to format numerical cell values the Dutch way. So a value is presented as 123,45 instead of the default 123.45 (comma versus dot). I did play around with macro recording and the few macro code lines that do just this are:

dim args5(0) as new

args5(0).Name = “NumberFormatValue”

args5(0).Value = 10002

“.uno:NumberFormatValue”, “”, 0,

I’m lost though how to implement this in C# code. Any thoughts? Any alternative solutions?

Regards, Aad Slingerland, Zevenaar, The Netherlands