How to trigger email notification by date in Calc

First question here, not a LibreOffice expert, thank you for your patience and guidance.

I would like to notify by email about some deadlines in Calc.

Basically, in some Calc cells there are:

  • the deadline(s) (dates)
  • the mailing list(s)
  • the text(s) of the notification(s) (mail)

When the worksheet is recalculated (typically on opening or with ctr-shift-F9), if the current(system) date is after the deadline (and maybe other logical conditions like a cell value (flag)), emails are automatically created and sent using the mailing list(s) and the text entered in other specific cells.

Apparently a macro to send email can be found here How to send Email in Evolution mail using Calc Macro but I am not able to make it triggered by the conditions above.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance