How to turn off autoinput / autocomplete in Calc?

i have browsed the web for answers and could find non that work, not even libreoffice wiki information worked.
According to most, i should be able to disable it through Tools->Autocorrect options->Word compleation tab. But there is no such tab, other answers have refered to Tools - Cell Contents - AutoInput but there is no cell contents under tool menu.

so, how do i disable autoimput/autocomplete in calc???
im using ubuntu 16.04 stock libreoffice 5
Build ID: 1:5.1.4-0ubuntu1

Try Tools → AutoInput. After that Calc will not auto-complete when typing into a cell.

That Tools → AutoCorrect → AutoCorrect options… → Word Completion tab works only in Writer.

worked! thank you

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Where did you get Tools… Autoinput?? It is not on my program.