How to turn off "Do you want to show changes to avoid delays?" in Writer?

I get this pop-up every time I add to my journal, which I’ve created using a table within Libre Writer. I don’t share the computer and have no wish to track changes.

I’m using version under Windows 10 Home 64-bit.

I’d be grateful for advice on stopping this irritating behaviour.


Just to rule it out, did you check to see if “Show Changes” was mysteriously turned on? You may have already done so.

As a nontechnical person, I sometimes neglect to check the obvious and hope you don’t mind the suggestion.

It’s off. Thanks for the thought.

You most possibly have unaccepted tracked changes in your document. Possibly even still recording, just not shown. If you don’t need to track changes, then you don’t need to turn their display off (as is your case); instead, you must turn off the tracking itself, and also accept (or reject, but that’s improbable in your case) already made changes. This way you make sure that there are no tracked changes left in the document, and then you turn their display on, to immediately see if a document has these.

Disabling the changes display is only useful when one works with the changes (possibly with colleagues who use them), and wants to keep them, but (temporarily) wants to not see them to work with document comfortably.

… you must turn off the tracking itself, and also accept… already made changes

Works perfectly. Many thanks.