How to turn off font smoothing?

I’ve tried all combinations in >Preferences>View>Graphics Output but none of them works.
I’m on a brand new iMac 5K retina. Everything is incredibly sharp on the screen but Libre office stands out with poorly blurred fonts in a document window and almost all the program interface too.


They say its fixed in vers.6.4.4
No - I’m here with The updater says no newer updates available.

Can this help?

You can check if there is another bug for it or write a bug.

[How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice](

Upgraded to 7.0.3
Nothing changed actually.

I’m on a brand new iMac 5K retina

but you did not mention your operating systems version, which sadly introduces new bugs with new releases and hence old answers may no longer apply to your case. Are you on macOS Catalina (10.15.x) or did you already switch to Big Sur (11.0.1)?

The answer to your question probably is: You can’t switch off, the blurry fonts are not intended behavior but a bug.

yes, I’m on a Big Sur.

OS Version 11.0.1
iMac 5K Retina 27-inch 2020 3,6Ghz 10-Corei9 AMD Radeon Pro5700XT

Now the story gets strange, since there are reports that LibreOffice versions lower than 7.0.x do not run on Big Sur at all, while you state “I’m here with”. And on Big Sur there is a return of blurry font-bug for LibreOffice version 7.0.x - see tdf#138122 - (blurry_text) - LibreOffice text blurry on Retina displays on macOS 11

I can approve, that version 6.4 (actual downloadable vers on LO site) is running on MacOs BigSur with no other limitations or fails.

OK - for sure I believe you, but it is in contradiction to LibreOffice Information: November 2020 and many other reports.