How to turn off two horizontal rows of icons that have suddenly appeared at the top of the screen

I used to have just two horizontal rows of buttons at the top of the screen (in the top row, the first button on the left was New (shamrock N) and in the bottom row the first button on the left was Show the Styles Sidebar). I still have those two rows and want them. However, I hit a wrong button somewhere (I don’t know which one) and now I have two more horizontal rows (below the two I’ve always had). The first icon on the left in the new upper row (= now the third row from the top) is Navigation and the first one one the left in the new bottom row (= now the fourth row from the top) is List Box On/Off. Below the two new rows is now also a lot of blank space (which is NOT part of my page in a file) and the general effect is that I can see considerably less of a page in any file I open. How can I get rid of those additions and get back to just the two horizontal rows I had before? I rebooted but that did not help. Thanks for your help.

I’ve just solved the problem: below the new blank space, in the middle of the screen (equidistant from left to right) is a small gray rectangle. I clicked the rectangle and everything new has disappeared.

Weird! Did the rectangle disappear too when you clicked it?

The little rectangle that I mention above is called Show (when I hover over it).

The rectangle did not disappear. I can still see it.

Since the rectangle is now just below the buttons for italics and boldface, which I use often, I now assume that I wanted boldface or italics but placed the cursor a little too far down and therefore hit the rectangle instead, which made those unwanted things appear.

What is that function for? I can’t find in the Help about it. Finded it!

Menu Edit - Track changes - Show. I never used it. Maybe a quasi doublet for menu View - Track changes. See also menu View - Toolbars - Track Changes.

You may have toggled View Data Sources. Your description does not quite match what I get, but it is the only thing I know which resembles this.

Try: press Ctrl + Shift + F4