how to turn on python logging with windows 10

I am trying to locate the problem with LO writer mailmerge email and windows 10. I know there are multiple issues documented about this feature not working. Most are from previous LO versions and different windows versions, which have been fixed. The issues that involve windows 10 seem not to have been fixed as of yet.
Lenovo ideaPad4 Windows 10 (64 bit) LibreOffice When using mail merge to email, nothing gets sent. The sub window, that executes python modules to send the email, disappears too quickly to see the error that I suspect is occurring in these python modules. The test for the mail merge email connection is successful, but the emails seem to error out
I also have LibreOffice running with windows 7 (32 bit) on another notebook and the mail merge email works perfectly. So, I think this is a quirk of windows 10.

I am asking if there is a way to capture the errors occurring with the python modules.
I highly suspect that it is occurring in the python modules. I