How to type a = character in a libre office writer table

When I type a = character in a libreoffice writer table it switches to the formula line instead of just inserting a = character.

  • How can I just type a = character (as first character in a cell)?
  • How can I change it permamently that typing a = character just inserts that character and not prompts for a formula


@first Question: →Kontextmenu(Cursor, selected Cell|s or table)→Numberformat→Text (Numberformatcode:@)

@second Question: Don’t know ;-(


You could use Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Replace tab:

  • Replace: ,=
  • With: =
  • Click New

So typing ,=Space will be replaced by = (of course you can choose something else than ,)

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Hi student

Boy, that took a little bit of a struggle (but I found it!). 2 methods:-

  1. Enter a space char (U+0020) first. After, go back & remove the space.
  1. Format the cell (or some/all cells) as ‘Text’:-
  • Select Cell/Cells
  • (right-click)→context menu→Number Format...CategoryText
    image description

    The Formula Bar will not, now, auto-popup on entry of an ‘=’ (but is still available via F2).

I did a little investigation in making that setup default via the Expert Configuration (or other method), but had zero success there.

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