How to type all the math, stat, greek, equations EFFICIENTLY in libreoffice?

i am preparing a report related to physics which is full of greek, stat and calculus things, i know there is this question how to insert a greek symbol, but my problem is i cant fiddle with a drop down/ scroll list for for every symbol(my paper in FULL of those), is there a way to do something with my keyboard layout, and turn it into something like the one Tony Stark uses in Ironman(i am not kidding please). i am literally tired for this fiddle-work for half of the day and have completed just 2 sheets, hmmm, and ive got 1.2 days to complete, and pls dont suggest LaTeX, i cant learn in in 24 hours

You can define your own auto-corrections or autotexts for the greek letters you frequently use.
Autotexts are very useful for complete equations that you need to insert often, even if you have to slightly modify them.

Use the Dmath add-on: very easy to use and very very efficient !