How to type in Hindi?

I am using LibroOffice 4 onWindows 7 with Hindi language support.
But when i select any Hindi font and type the LibreOffice Writer types in English language?

How can I type in Hindi language?

Start up Writer and setup the LibreOffice language settings (Tools > Options… > Language Settings):

  • Languages > Enhanced language support check Show UI elements for Bi-Directional writing.
  • Languages > Default languages for documents > CTL set to Default - Hindi.
  • Complex Text Layout > General options change the Numerals entry to Hindi if you want Devanagari numerals (१२३…) instead of the usual Arabic ones (123…).
  • Set the default fonts to use (Tools > Options… > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts (CTL)) by selecting a font that supports Hindi from one of the fonts listed above e.g., Lohit Hindi.

I am not certain about the language pack support for Hindi (which I think is hi-IN) or how critical this is. I presume you are using a Hindi keyboard layout?

You will also need to enable the Hindi keyboard in your Windows OS.

You need to go to Control Panel → Region and Language → Keyboards → Input Languages

Here is a screen shot of that settings screen:

Once you enable Hindi/Gujarati, you will get a small Language icon ‘EN’ in your taskbar. From there you can change to the input language that you would like to use.

Easy typing in hindi