how to undelete .odg files

Which method or software do I use to recover deleted .odg files?

This question isn’t really specific to LibreOffice but to:

  • your operating system (which you did not mention)
  • how you deleted the file (what you don’t describe at all and may be you are lucky and find the deleted file in your trash folder and Right click → Restore could do that)

Thank you for your reaction. Here are some details:

After vigourous testing of my crashed old desktop it appeared that the motherboard had died. Then, on my new machine (Windows 10 professional) I forgot to reinstall backups BEFORE testing FreeFileSync, whereby mistakenly backup files were deleted (not much later the Recycle Bin was empty).

In the meantime (trying free software, such as Recuva) I recovered many of the deleted .jpf, .pnp, .pdf, .odt and .odc files, but none of the many and precious .odg files.

How do I proceed?

IN STEAD OF .jpf, .pnp, READ .jpg, .png

Any other suggestions (e.g. which software to use)?