how to uninstall libreoffice by program

We have installed libreoffice over 10000 PC on windows7.
How to uninstall the libreoffice by program.
We want to use the program through winmatrix to remote manage our PC( remove the old libreoffice for install another distributition of libreoffice ).

what is winmatrix?

WinMatrix is a remote management PC system. It compose of agent and manager, agent installed in managed pc(similar idea from SNMP agent but not SNMP). The manager like SNMP manage system.

You don’t provide any references, and I don’t find those easily (I see something like this and that, and I don’t see if they are somehow relevant). Please try to ask good questions, so that others could see your problem. Anyway, the management software you use should provide you the necessary tools.

thanks for your comment, I will try to ask good question next time.

First of all, since you’ve installed the software to that many boxes, you could have used some software that helps to rollout packages to computers, like GPO software installation policy or some similar tooling. That would mean you should use that software to also manage the LibreOffice package, including uninstalling. E.g., GPO software installation policy allows to set that a package uninstalls automatically when GPO gets out of a system’s scope, or that another package is used for upgrade the older package.

Or you could have used a script that used msiexec to install the MSI. Then you should also use the msiexec to uninstall: specifically, its /x parameter.

On the other hand, it’s not required to uninstall the old version before installing the new one; the installer is designed to handle that itself. So, if your tooling allows that, you could just skip the uninstallation step.

thanks we use the msi to uninstall and it works.