How to update Form's resultset using a macro

Hi, I’m trying to execute a query and then update the table control on my base form. I believe I understand that the data for the table control is really coming from the base Form data resultset. Question is, how do I update the Forms resultset once I executed the query and have a resultset to iterate through?

anyone have any ideas?


example: I have a form with a table control. When the form loads, it will not display any values in the table control. I want to provide the data for the table control after a user enters some text in a field and hits ‘search’ button. Then I want grab the info from the user and query the db. I have made it this far, now how do I update the table control to display the data i get back from the resultset? Thanks.

Usually with


in your macro, which must call the reload on the main form or, if you have multiple subforms, on the control that you need to refresh. See here

Hi @jvapr27,

Could you upload an example file for us to take a look at? That might help us better-understand your problem.