How to use a form to enter related information into several tables

Good afternoon all,
I am using LibreOffice Base, version: (x64) on Windows 10.
We manage several self catering holiday properties and base would help us to keep track of the guests, regulatory information, payments ect.
I have set up several tables for the properties themselves, as you can see in the relationship diagram.

We have properties that share some of the address details such as number, street address, postcode etc, so I separated out the information so has not to duplicate anything.
I want to be able to add new properties to the Holiday_House table by either entering new data into the other tables or using existing data previously entered.
When I try to accomplish this using a form I can’t get the related foreign keys into the Holiday_House table.
Is what I’m trying to accomplish possible or is it a case of user inadequacy!
I am very new to this and have confused myself considerably…all help is greatly appreciated.

Hello Jon: From your relationship diagram, I am wondering if you might be over-complicating things by having such strict ‘normalization’; it will make life considerably more complicated when it comes to setting up QUERIES and also your FORMS. I would suggest just having a single address TABLE (of your holiday house properties) with each record/row having the complete and unique address of 1 or more properties, and then each actual (physical) property could be recorded in a separate properties table with its own ID number (as its PK) and also a foreign key FK which is the PK in your holiday_house_address table. By all means post back more info.

Thanks Frofa,
Sorry for the late response, been busy.
Think I will do has you suggest to keep it simple.
Thanks again

See my comment above (edited).