How to use Avery 8160 label template in LibreOffice?

Hello there! I am new to LibreOffice but so far I really like the features. I have a number of business labels currently in MS-Publisher format that I’m trying to move over to LibreOffice Draw or Writer format. I was hoping maybe I could get some help or ideas? I’ve been trying a few different ways to convert them, but each method has difficulties.

  • Attempt 1 - In LibreOffice Draw, I opened the MS-Publisher format files, but they were no longer set up to print multiple-per-page. In Publisher, I had set them up as Avery 8160 labels, which print in 3 columns x 10 rows with 0.25in margins between. So, I went into Print Settings in Draw and changed it to print multiple-per-page, Portrait. Unfortunately, it then squished the labels together and printed only half a page. :unamused: I am not sure how to fix this. Any ideas?

  • Attempt 2 - In LO Draw, I tried using the File > New > Label feature. I created a new label, set up the correct size, but had two problems: 1) again, the margins were wrong, not only between columns but at the margins of the page as well; and 2) I don’t know how to put in pretty fonts, colors, and graphics.

  • Attempt 3 - I downloaded the proper Avery 8160 label template in .odt format from the official Avery website. I opened it in LO Writer. It opens fine, but there seems to be no easy way to convert the labels from LO Draw. Is there? Regardless, I can recreate the labels if I have to and put in pretty colors, fonts, graphics, etc. My question is, is there any way to auto-copy the labels into each of the label blanks? Or do I have to go through and copy-paste 30 times for each page of labels?

Thank you very much for your ideas, tips, and answers. Although I have experience with MS Office and OpenOffice, LibreOffice is completely new and I am having a hard time finding answers online. Take care!


In LibreOffice, the method to print labels is through Writer. This uses data stored in a database. The database can be easily created from a spreadsheet. Can you get your data to a spreadsheet like Excel or LibreOffice Calc?

Personally do not have a method to transfer from Publisher.

Hello Ratslinger, thank you for your reply. I will not need to access a database, because I do not need to print many different labels. Instead, I need many copies of a single label. (For example, a product label for my tea or incense.)

Would you be willing to post one of the .pub files? This would be helpful in attempting to get properly into labels. Do not need to set a database for the process. If so, you will probably need to change the extension from .pub (not allowed) to say .odt and note that. On this end it can be changed back.

Very well explained @Ratslinger. Just one point, it is not necessary to export as jpg. You can copy and paste directly from Draw into the Writer label template, keeping editable text and preserving quality. There are just a few steps to take first.

The sample .pub the Ratslinger found is for a presentation and as such it is much too big for labels. Scaling it will cause the text to reflow badly. To scale the text too, first make sure you have the fonts on your system, I found that Gravity is a suitable replacement for Avenir…ttf in the sample so just change it to that, also put a paragraph break just before “fax”.

Select everything ( zoom out and draw selection around everything) then click Format > Text Attributes. In the dialogue box that opens, in the tab Text tick both boxes Fit width to text and Fit height to text and OK. This will size the text frames to the text.

Then click Format > Text Attributes again but this time untick Fit width to text and Fit height to text and then tick Fit to frame and OK. Now the text will scale with the image so scale everything (to ratio) to 1" high. Copy everything and paste into the new label and anchor As character.

You can click Synchronise Labels when adjusted/edited to your satisfaction. Cheers, Al

That was already stated as:

So all of what you noted, although interesting, is probably a moot point based upon what the OP may have. Don know about the copy/paste. Do not like the result you have but again do not have an actual sample from OP.

Also OP stated:

which is what I was trying to avoid.

Again, interesting but I gave up on trying it about 15 minutes in.

Yeah, without an actual example it is harder.

This isn’t re-creating, just converting to Draw format and pasting from Draw into the Writer labels. The text not scaling is really the only tricky part but (since version 7.x I think) the trick, frame to text then text to frame, works without crashing.

Thank you for your help, Ratslinger, I appreciate your time. Per your request, I have uploaded an example of my label. It is in .odg (LO Draw) format. I was unsure how to copy/paste it into Writer. It is here:

PS - I made everything “Arial” so you would not have to deal with extra fonts.


Having no success with copy/paste of the sample provided by @dreaminggates. Can you look at this? Can actually copy & past but not center & Synchronize the labels.
My process of creating an image works without issue - see edit in my answer.

@EarnestAl, sorry but found my problem Thanks. Will edit my answer with the info.

I need many copies of a single label.

Then it should be no problem to start over in Writer and abandon the MS Publisher way of doing things. Most people here have been using LibreOffice or its predecessors for many years and know nothing about MS-Publisher to help you.

Here is a description of how to create address labels:
Address labels in Writer

The procedure should be the same for your application needs.

I hope it helps you.

Use the template you downloaded from Avery.
In the upper left label, write the text you want and shape it. Now select all the text and click Ctrl+C.
Place the cursor in the next label and press Ctrl+V. This way you can fill all the labels.
Save and print the document.


Thank you for your reply, @Hrbrgr. I read the documentation you linked, but I don’t think the regular “Address Labels” feature is what I need. I have about 50 different, already-existing product labels, each containing complex fonts, images, and information. That’s why I was hoping to directly import them, rather than re-create them from scratch. I will have to keep exploring and see what I can do.

Maybe I can copy/paste them into the Avery template in the manner you described.

Thank you again.


Without an example template from OP as a label sized format, I found a business card sample I used → Blood Vascular System Business Card Template. Then after unzipping the sample, double clicked on the .pub file & it opened in Draw:

Screenshot at 2022-01-25 09-32-08

From Draw menu, selected File->Export saving as .jpg file with dimensions as close to 8160 label size as possible (this is a business card).

Next started a new Writer file. Then selected from menu File->New->Labels.

On Labels tab, Leave Label Text blank; Lower right corner select Brand Avery Letter size; Type 8160 Ink Jet Address:

On Options tab insure Synchronize contents is selected:

Screenshot at 2022-01-25 09-35-04

Select New document button

Label to work with is in upper left; left mouse click in it to make active.

From menu select Insert->Image. Select saved exported Draw image. Resize if needed:

Screenshot at 2022-01-25 09-43-29

Click on synchronize labels button. Result:

You can save and then print this document.

Although it may seem like a long process, when you understand the process it can be done in a few minutes. Modifications only made in Draw document and then redo this process.

Edit 2022-01-27:

With your sample and using the export image method in my answer, was able to produce his in a couple of minutes:

Sample labels →
coyoteas_label_example.odt (50.1 KB)

When opening this file, answer NO when asked to update external links. Will try to look at a copy vs image later.

Edit #2 2022-01-27:

This is using copy/paste method. Upper left label can be modified & re sync page. Will provide detailed steps a later if this format works for you.

coyoteas_label_exampleRepaired.odt (232.8 KB)

@Ratslinger and @EarnestAl this is SO close!! I was able to export the labels to a PNG and PDF, and insert them into the label-generated page as images. And it WORKS! The problem is… the resulting labels are very fuzzy :frowning: I cannot use them for product labels, they do not look professional enough.

I will keep working the problem. Thank you for your efforts!

Did you try the second sample which is an actual copy and not an image? It is missing the flower but see if the results are better.

Happily the text is all fine so no adjustment needed there. The problem that I found is that the image of the Jasmine flower extends beyond the label area in Draw making it a problem to anchor as character in the Writer labels.

The Jasmine flower is also fairly low resolution at 150 x 100 pixels, I wonder if this is from the conversion or original size?


In Draw, if I copy (to select hold Alt key and click until it selects the flower) and edit the image with the GIMP (Image > Crop to content) to remove the unneeded transparent area (now 115 x 83 pixels) and insert back (after deleting original jasmine image) then the contents all fit inside the label area.

If I then copy everything and paste into a new labels Writer document it fits nicely. Right-click the pasted Draw object and select Anchor > As character, click beside the image so the text toolbar appears and centre the label, then click Synchronise.

coyoteas_label_exampleWriterLabels.odt (250.6 KB)

NB When exporting from Draw as png, to set resolution you need to make a note of the Width size, set the resolution to your preferred dpi then set the Width back to its original size. Otherwise you will end up with a small low res image. Cheers, Al

My thought was the white area outside the border was meant to be. That was one of my initial problems.

Yeah, I tried a couple of other things before I thought to investigate the extra width.

The crop tool in Draw seems unavailable for this png image in this file, I am not sure why. If I extract the png from the odg and insert it into a new Draw file then both the Crop tool and the Edit with External Tool are both available. I might play around later to see what is the easiest way to make it behave normally.

OK. The weird thing is that, on conversion from Publisher, bitmaps seem to be converted to polygons with an area fill of the bitmap. This is why the crop command is not available. There are really only two ways to get a good quality image out and back into the Draw file as an image:

  1. Open the .odg file in a zip program and extract the images in the folder Pictures

  2. Select each image and export selection as png or jpg at a useable resolution

Of the two, the first is most accurate, easiest and fastest.
Most images probably are fine without further work, just the occasional one like the Jasmine flower create difficulty.


Had no problem the copied size: 2.54 X .91 but needed to be centered in label. Finally did this with position and size:

Problem for me is when the flower adjustment is made and included, the file is too large to upload - twice size allowed. I believe this is the direction OP should test.