How to use Avery file folder labels 5201 in LibreOffice Writer

I am trying to make labels in Writer using:

Avery Permanent 1/3 Cut File Folder Labels, 7 labels per sheet

Dimensions are 0.68 Inch Width x 3.43 Inch Length

(5/6 inch by 3 1/2 inch)

If anyone has had experience with this size template, I’d appreciate your input.

you can download the template from avery, they have however locked it away with a request for your email address. If you have spam mail account, then use that address to get access to their template. Building one shouldnt be much of a challenge. it would be just a single column of text boxes on the page. just need to know the spacing between the labels if any. check on plain paper to get the alignment correct.

Your suggestions worked fine. I’ve downloaded the template. Thank you.

Can this help?

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Download template