How to use Base forms on another computer running in HSQL Server Mode?

I created on my notebook a database with several tables and use forms and reports.
Now I would like to switch to a server mode database, so to be able to use the database from several computer in my home office.
I know now how to launch the server mode, and finally also could start LibreOffice Base on the other remote computer to open the tables.
BUT: the forms and reports I used to have on the notebook are not working. If I want to open the ODB file, I´ll get error message say the file or folder is locked. So the tables are accessable, but no forms or reports. All lost.
How I can migrate properly from a single-node database towards a server-client model by using all my database content?
I tried to find more practical example but haven´t found a tutorial which describe exactly this problem.
I would appreciate if someone could give some help how the steps would be to be able to fully use the HSQLDB in combination with LibreOffice BASE on several computers.



Not clear as to what you have done already. You should have the database files (not a Base .odb) somewhere with the running Server. This location is defined in the server start-up process. You then connect each Base file from users to the server (need your users & admin all set up) using a JDBC or ODBC connector.

So can you shed a bit more light on what you have done so far in this regard?

OS & specific LO version may help. Also what version of HSQLDB are you running? There are instructions which come with HSQLDB on doing all this.

Hey Ratslinger, thanks. Yes, the database files itself are single files. The issue are the FORMS and REPORTS which I previously created in BASE. If I open the database from the other PC, the table view works, but all forms or reports are not there. If I want to open then the ODB files, I can´t. So how I can use the forms and reports across several computers?


Have recalled answering this before. Here is the post with a document attached which contains basic instructions → Putting HSQLDB in server mode with multi-user then Database lock acquisition failure.

Of course you still need to extract the DB from your Base file - properties, data, and script files and add a name to them as the database (ie:, myDB.script,

Edit 2020-09-12:

From what you have stated in question & non answer answer, you are not running HSQLDB in server mode. Did you read the instruction in the link? It also contains information on the Base files to connect to the database. These Bases file are where the forms and reports are located - not in the server. The server should be set with the users allowed access. Then each access point has a copy of the Base file and connects with a user ID and password. This set-up allows many users to access the data simultaneously.