How to use cell value as a row number in referencing?

Hi, I’m using libreoffice on Lubuntu 14.04.

Ok, so I have 3 columns: A, B, and C. I have integers in B, and any info in C. Say I have row x in A, I want to point to row x in B, which contains the value of y, in such a way that row x of A displays the value of row y in C. I want to do this correspondingly with all rows in A.

Can I do it? Ultimately I want to be able to sort different columns that refer to each other without messing up the references. When I just directly reference a column / row, sorting messes things up.

Thanks in advance!

About sort, take a look to the option: Menu/Tools/LibreOffice calc/General - Update references when sorting range of cell.

Some Formula-(-mess) like:


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