how to use colour coding in condtional formatting to show improvement?

I currently am using the conditional formatting tool to show whether my agents are meeting their targets but I am having trouble formatting some to show improvement from previous day but still under target.
for example:
target for monthly sales is 2.45%
Monday the agents percentage was sitting at 0.71 well under target
Tuesday the agent was sitting at 1.54 still under target but improved from Monday
as I have it now anything under 2.45% is red and equal to and about is green but I am wanting for the stat to turn yellow if they are under target but has made improvement from the previous day.
as well as this spreadsheet includes 5 days for I am wanting to have the yellow show based off of the previous day’s stat.

Go to this TDF Wiki page. On this page is a description of “How to Apply a Color Scale Conditional Formatting”. At the bottom of the page is the download for a sample file.

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