How to use conditional text with other variable types

I have successfully used conditional text, hidden text with variables using “set variable” in the Fields | Variable tab. But I want to use an input field, or better yet an input list. Is there a way to do that?

Register your DataSource (Tools-Options-Base-Databases);

Open your writer file;

View-Data Sources and select your DataSource;

Choose to insert a Hidden Paragraph:-

Insert-Field/More Fields(or Ctrl-2)-Hidden Paragraph

In the condition box insert the (Boolean) field name thus:


or the field name and value;

Click insert (it can be slow) and Close;

Type your paragraph.

Double click the paragraph to edit the condition

Hmmm, yes. Seems like overkill. All I’m trying to do is have a document that refers to a person by name Eg. “Mr. John Smith” Then, later in the document use the correct pronoun (eg his or hers / he or she) based on whether it is Mr. or Mrs. Smith.

What was the answer??? I want to know, but you closed this question without an answer!