How to use data between sheets in libre calc?

One sheet with data in four columns. Then I want to add sheets where data ar sorted after colums B (C and D)

You can access data in another sheet by typing sheet name followed by dot. If you have ‘Sheet1’ with content in cell A1, and you want that same content on ‘Sheet2’ in cell B2 you should enter


into cell B2 in Sheet2.

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And in case you are using a sheet name with spaces, it will be something like ='name with spaces'.A1.

If you want to sort the data and place the sorted result on a new sheet: add a new sheet and in Sort Options check Copy sort results to and enter Sheet2.A1 as destination (if the new sheet’s name is Sheet2, else adapt) where the output will start. You can also name a cell (Ctrl+F3) on the new sheet before entering the Sort dialogue, named cells are available in the list box to choose from.