How to use Dirac bra-ket notation

It is not enough to use the form <A|B>, I need the separate ket form |A>, which the math writer does not have since it insists that angle brackets exist only in pairs.

I can not use |A> = sum from and so on. It apparently does not know that the > is not part of the equals sign.

And I do not want to have to learn to use Tex instead of LibreOffice.

Thanks in advance.

Objection: the accepted “right” answer was to install an extension, while there is a solution without need for any extensions. Since I don’t have enough karma yet, I only supplied another “right” answer as a comment to another reply below.

I do not know a trick to omit one of the angle brackets from the bra-ket pair.

But you can use the scalable brackets (and middle line) in the following way:

left langle A mline right none
left none mline B right rangle

I don’t have enough karma, but: left lline 0 right rangle is ket 0 and left langle 1 right lline is bra 1.

I finally gave up and installed the TexMaths extension to LO. It works quite well. You just have to figure out (a) how to use it and (b) what the Tex markers are for it. I now have an example file with a whole lot of equations and things and I can always find the kind I want and do a copy paste.

Naturally, I would be happy to share the file.