How to use find and replace to change double paragraph breaks to single

I am new to Writer and am having trouble fixing a document that uses two paragraph breaks. In MS Word, I would use the Search & Replace function. I could tell it to search for a paragraph break, and it would find it. In fact, I would simply use Find paragraph break paragraph break Replace paragraph break. It was easy.
In Writer I can’t do this option. I can’t find a set of characters that mean “paragraph break.” In the manual it says $ means paragraph break but this does not work. I have searched this question over and over in these community pages and I can’t understand the answers. They seem to use jargon that I don’t understand. And also the characters they suggest don’t find paragraph breaks. I am going crazy trying to execute what should be a very simple command! How does Writer handle this problem.
Thanks and sorry to be so ignorant but I have been searching and don’t understand the directions.

There are two solutions to your problem.

#Manual method

Enable display of internal technical code with View>Formatting Marks. After that, you’ll see on your screen the empty paragraphs corresponding to the double (or more) paragraph breaks. Use your mouse or arrow keys to go there and press either Del or Backspace for forward or backward erasure.

#Automatic method

Open the Edit>Find & Replace dialog. In the Find box, enter ^$ which means “empty paragraph”. Leave Replace empty. Very important: check the Regular expressions box.

You can now press Find to check your entry targets the empty paragraphs and nothing else. Then either press Replace to manually get rid of every occurrence one by one or Replace All if you’re confident.

In case, something goes wrong, quit the dialog and Ctrl+Z or Edit>Undo to cancel all replacements.

A difference against Word: in Writer, you can’t replace the paragraph break by itself because the break is not a “character”. You either search for content of a paragraph or you’re targeting empty paragraphs. These are exclusive freom each other.

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