How to use Greater Than and Less Than to Prevent or Allow Equations

I’ll do my best to explain what I mean.

=IF(H3**>**H4,H3-H4) This formula works as intended and lets me easily subtract the values in H3 and H4.

The issue is if I add, IF(H3**<**H4,H3-H4) I still need the values to subtract, but I don’t want the values to go below 5 or into the negatives.

So I’m not sure how to set a minimum, I assume it is MIN(), but then I’m not certain on how to set up multiple functions together since my previous attempts to do so didn’t work too well.

If H3<=H4, it’s known that H3-H4 is 0 or negative.

Your total function should be simply


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Thank you, @mikekaganski. Just using =MAX gives me what I need, instead of trying to use > or <.

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