How to use in LibreOffice Basic structures from ActiveX DLL?

Good day, dear friends! I have a problem with using external ActiveX DLL with LibreOffice I am trying to import class and use methods and struct implemented in this library. Library implements this ActiveX interface:

// Generated .IDL/C++ pseudo source equivalent of Win32 type library ..\MY_LIB.dll
library MY_LIB
    // Forward references and typedefs
    dispinterface _cls_MYLIB;

    dispinterface _cls_MYLIB
            [id(19)] void vbLogin([in, out] typLoginInfo* tLogin);
            [id(20)] void vbLogout();  

    coclass cls_MYLIB
        [default] dispinterface _cls_MYLIB;

    typedef [uuid({DD745AAD-F2F1-4AF3-BA78-2BAECD59CCF8}), version(1.0)] struct 
        [helpstring("strUser")] BSTR strUser;
        [helpstring("strPassword")] BSTR strPassword;
        [helpstring("strUserClass")] BSTR strUserClass;
        [helpstring("strView")] BSTR strView;
    } typLoginInfo;

I wrote some code for user login. DLL function vbLogin([in, out] typLoginInfo tLogin) uses input parameter – struct typLoginInfo defined in this library too. In MS Office Basic it was easy to implement:

Public g_tLoginInfo As MYLIB.typLoginInfo

But in LibreOffice I could not suggest how to do this. I also tried to define local struct and use in function vbLogin as parameter, but it does not work too. ERROR Type:
Message: [automation bridge] Unhandled user defined type.

‘Type typLoginInfo					         my defined struct does not work 
‘	strUser As String				         correct with function cMYLIB.vbLogin(g_tLoginInfo)
‘	strPassword As String
‘	strUserClass As String
‘	strView As String
‘	bIsOnline As Boolean
‘End Type

Dim cMYLIB as Object
‘Dim g_tLoginInfo As MYLIB.typLoginInfo 			not work in Libre Basic

Set cMYLIB = CreateObject("MYLIB. cls_MYLIB ")    
g_tLoginInfo.strUser = "user"
g_tLoginInfo.strPassword = "pass"
g_tLoginInfo.strUserClass = "User"
g_tLoginInfo.strView = "display"	
g_tLoginInfo.bIsOnline = True


Funcion cMYLIB.vbLogout which is calls without any parameters, works ok. Tell me please how should I correctly use type typLoginInfo defined in my ActiveX DLL?

P.S. Sorry for my grammar, I speak a little English.