How to use Kannada fonts using Nudi Software in Libre office


i am kumar, from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
i have downloaded the Libre Office and installed on Windows 10 laptop
In karnataka we use Nudi software developed by government of Karnataka to type it on kannada language.
but with Libere office we are not able to type kannada.

Kindly solve this issue so the people of Karnataka state can use your application.
The link to download the Nudi software is given below.

thanks and regards


Hm. I don’t expect most LibreOffice developers to be able to find their way through that site. I suppose that only some native-speaking developer interested in improving LibreOffice support could help here.

I type in several languages/scripts in LibreOffice without any problem. So, you problem is about your software, not about LO. Just for fun, I have enabled the Kannada layout in Windows 7 and can type this:
ಜದಗಿಚತಕ ವಲೌೀಾಗೂಹಡ ಜೌ

Of course, it is garbage, but it works. Thus, report the problem to the Nudi developers.

thanks for the response and we will report this to nudi developers.

Kumar. S

Hello @Kumar.S,

Please see if any of the following links are useful to the people of Karnataka:

LibreOffice translated into Kannada:
LibreOffice interface translated in ಕನ್ನಡ (

Kannada dictionary and spellchecker: (Kannada dictionary and spellchecker | Apache OpenOffice Extensions)

Kannada Hyphenation Dictionary:
(Kannada Hyphenation Dictionary | Apache OpenOffice Extensions)

Additional settings to support Kannada language can be set in this menu:

“Tools : Options... : Language Settings : Languages”

– Locale setting: Kannada

– Complex Text Layout (CTL): Kannada

I have none of these settings installed, yet i can type Kannada characters in my Writer, such as “ಈಉಊಋಌ” ( meaningless sequence of characters ).

The Unicode block for Kannada characters runs from 0x0C80 to 0x0CFF.

HTH, lib