how to use pcloud online access to database multiuser without lock problem

As on Local network with startserver.bat multiuser have access to database but how to use online storage pcloud for server multiuser. As all front hand files on client but which files should on pcloud. Also avoid lock problem…

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I have not used pCloud specifically but I can’t see how it is any different than Google Drive, DropBox or others I have tested with.

To properly use Base with a cloud service, only one user can update the database (a split or embedded DB) at a time. The cloud service is merely a storage area. The user actually downloads the file to the local system and uses them there. When finished the updated files are put back on the cloud. If multiple users are to have access, only one at a time may update the files. For further reference see this post and the related link within.

I have experience in server mode that only one user can update but view by multiple users without lck problem. This is working fine in lan network. Over internet we can view data from database. To view data , Copying large database is not always feasible. So database updates online stroage and directly view data by multiple users without lock problem. For this direct update database online.

I am very sorry but you comment is even more confusing than your question. What is this ‘lock problem’ you refer to? I have HSQL 2.3.2 running in server mode with three users. Each is capable of updating the database even with the XXXXXX.lck file there (unless you are referring to something else).

Then you are talking about pCloud which is file storage. You don’t run the server on the cloud. Don’t understand “Copying large database”?

Even if you could run a server on the cloud, it still has to cross the internet. What exactly is the problem and what are you trying to accomplish? From what is presented, the server is not running properly if only one user can update. May also include design or procedure problem. Many things unknown here.

As far as I can tell, the answer is “you can’t”. As far as I can tell, PCloud does not have a service set up to provide this functionality. (Did you ask them?)

For the purpose indicated, the sharing service must be available to each client. PCloud offers only file sharing, not database sharing.

Any web hosting service these days will include a database service. Still, some will restrict db access to “local” so you can only access the db by scripts running on the web host. Look for hosting which allows external access and provides proper SSL/TLS security. Make sure you get sufficient space for your data and the provision for offline backups.

Running a database service in the cloud is not trivial, due to networking, security and legal challenges alike. This article attempts to shed light on the matter.