How do I use Google docs to store / access my Base database?

I am developing a database for a half dozen users across the country. We do NOT have a dedicated server. How do I a) save my database to Google docs, and b) make it available to the other users to read and update?

Only recently have I installed & tested Dropbox. This is similar to Google drive but I veered away from that because you must use a third party client for Linux, none of which on the surface seem very good to me.

For Base you would need to have a synced folder on the computer. Once the necessary client software is installed (Google or DropBox), you simply copy your DB (entire folder if split DB) into the synced folder and work from there. In Dropbox (fairly certain Google also) backups are also created. Kind of nice.

In your case of sharing, there is an additional problem with other users. No matter how you set this up, only one person at a time can be updating the database, you need to share the files, and each must have a synced folder. For more information on the sharing part, this post may be helpful to you - click here.

With less than, say, 10 users and the type of database you want, why not use Google Sheets?

I use Excel, Libre Office Sheets, and Google sheets for many of my databases.

Sorry if this does not answer your question, but consider it another approach to the problem.


OK…that may work. But my question is, how do I point to Google sheets from Base? When I look at “file location” I don’t see a way to get to it.

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