How to use script small L in libreoffice formula?

Is it possible to use small script L in Math formula?
I mean inside Writer by insert-formula.
Something like in this.
Similar to “\ell” in latex.


You can insert it as a unicode character code: %Ux2113

You can add it to your symbol set:

  • Menu item Tools - Symbols
  • Click button Edit ...
  • Scroll down a few pages in the symbol grid. Just below the greek letters you should find the upper- and lowercase L.
  • Click the symbol. Ux2113appears as the symbol name. Type a meaningful name there, like scriptl.
  • Select a symbol set you want the character to belong to.
    . Click the Add button.

Now you can use %scriptl (or whatever name you chose) instead of the cryptic %Ux2113 code.

Thanks! Just to make it clear for the other reader, the Tools mentioned above is belongs to the Math formula app, not the one of Writer.

Any Unicode character may be used in LO applications. You have two possibilities:

  • in applications with Insert menu (such as Writer, but not Math), Insert>Special Character and choose from the dialog

    Drawback: this requires you know approximately in which block the character lies

  • an all applications, when you know the hexadecimal encoding, type u+2113 then immediately Alt+X

    Here I took the example of U+2113 SCRIPT SMALL L which you referenced. Change the hex digits for another character.

You didn’t tell if you used the Math formula editing application or if you composed the formula yourself, I then gave the universal Alt+X solution. It relies on the fact you know exactly which character you want to insert.

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Hi… thanks for your help. I meant inside the Math formula app. Your 2nd solution, i tried it but it doesn’t work in the formula, or should it work?

It should work. I rechecked and saw a made a typo in my answer. A + sign was missing. Either type u+2113 or short 2113, then Alt+X. I routinely use the short form but it is sometimes ambiguous while the long form is always safe.


Yes. It’s working. It is interesting that I can see the symbol directly inside the formula editor. I don’t understand how, but the font seems following what I set previously for %u+2113 (using the other method described by @keme). Do you know why?
Thanks! It’s helpful discussion.

@keme’s method proceeds by modifying the internal symbol list (see the Math Guide for more info). I didn’t mention it because it is a bit complicated for newbies (I don’t know your skill level with Math) and also because I experienced difficulties with it (it seemed to replace existing symbols instead of adding new ones - didn’t check recently).

Once you have customised the list, it is shown in the state you configured it.

… I experienced difficulties with it (it seemed to replace existing symbols instead of adding new ones - didn’t check recently).

I agree. The dialog’s behavior appears a little erratic. Always been like that.

You have to do it in the order I mentioned it (I think). First find the symbol to define a name for, then type the desired name in the field (where the code occurred), find a suitable category, and only then take care to click the Add button (which is disabled until you go through the moves). I have to mess about with it every time I try.

Agree. I experienced the same thing. Because I wasn’t sure, upon editing the symbol I chose the Special form the dropdown menu. Don’t want to let anything happen to the Greek or iGreek symbols. @keme was right, as long as we press Add, it should be added to the chosen menu and not modifying other symbol. The before-after small window in the bottom-right corner also cause confusion. Thanks to both of you.