How to use selection box over an object?

I have some files that are converted from a pdf and sometimes there are boxes created as a single object and I am supposed to put things there(text, images, diagrams, you name it), sometimes I can directly copy them which saves a lot of time especially for very complex diagrams such as structural formula for a chemical. However when I try to drag the mouse over the box the box will be selected and I drag the box instead of using the selection box.
Shift+click is not much of an option when I need to select a lot of small parts with a trackpad.

In MS Office suite it is solved with the ability to explicitly select selection tools even though the suite does not have anything that resembles LO draw.

It is also a disappointment that there is no lasso selection which sometimes helps when there are things I wanted to exclude so I don’t need to copy and delete the extra parts.

Edit: This is the selection box I was talking about:image description

Can you please upload a sample file here?
To upload, edit your initial question and use the “paper clip” symbol.

I don’t understand, what du you mean with “selection box over an object”.

Thanks, it’s a marker box, we say “rubber band” in German. But it’s clear what you mean. There are only these choices.
A single object or several objects per marking box.

You can also group individual objects. Select several objects, right-click and choose in the context menu “Group” (Ctrl+Shift+G). If you then click on it, the group will be marked.

I hope it helps you.

Also, if you have problems selecting an item because several items overlap, here are two ways to make it easier:

  • Plan ahead. Use multiple “layers” (tabs in a drawing) to organize content.
  • Note that layers in Draw does nothing to the “stacking order”. It is only a tool for “logical grouping”.
  • Shift-click the layer tab to hide/show layer content. Items are only selectable when they are on a visible layer.
  • Drill down. Use alt-click to select the next object down the stack, shift-alt-click to back up again.

Draw layers mostly behave as expected, e.g. content drawn or pasted will be put on the currently active layer. There are a few special cases:

  • Measurement lines always go on their own designated layer.
  • Form controls always go on the predefined layer designated for those.
  • To move an object to a different layer (or a different sheet) you need the “special drag”. Click and hold for a second (pointer changes), then drag to layer tab (or sheet thumbnail).