How to use Sort while using characters as separators? [WRITER]

So, I’ve recently had to edit a small list of names. They came in single line, separated by comma and ending with a period. For example:
“Amsterdam, Minsk, Moscow, Vatican, Monaco, Luxembourg, Andorra.”

I wanted to sort these into alphabetical. I highlighted the sentence and went into Tools → Sort. In there I choose “character” as a separator and put a comma there, but it doesn’t sort anything. In the end I manually added a line break and used the standard “tab” option as separator, but I don’t understand why the option to use comma didn’t work. Does sorting in a single continuous line simply doesn’t work?

indeed, usual convention is to sort lines.
there are tools and functions to transpose, sort, transpose back to a sorted list …

but nowadays, (if your list has nothing private), any AI will do it for you almost right away :wink:

Sort - Sorts the selected paragraphs or table rows alphabetically or numerically.