How to use styles to apply only highlight color to text?

I would like to highlight some words in a text, the words are apart of each other by other words or lines of text.

I did it using simple formatting but now if I want to change the tone of the highlight color I have to correct all the words.

I would like to be able to just modify my custom style to make the change of highlight color in many places on a page at once.

How I can create such custom style to make it apply only highlighting?

To quickly select multiple words, hold down the Ctrl key and double-click on each word.

Then, apply a Character Style to those words. For example, double-click on “Strong Emphasis” under Character Styles in the sidebar. Or create a new Character Style.

Finally, right-click on “Strong Emphasis” and choose Modify to change the highlight color.

character style for multiple words

When this is finished, remove the simple formatting by selecting the paragraph and going to Format → Clear Direct Formatting.