How to use subscript in equation mode? (Writer)

Keyboard shorcut for subscript text (ctrl + shift + B) isn’t working on equation input mode (insert > object > equation), and copypasting subscript/superscript characters doesn’t seem to work.

Any advise on how to use these characters in Writer’s equation input mode?

Equations are composed in another component, Math, independent from Writer. Forget all shortcuts you know in Writer and use the small macro language for equations. Read the manual, at least the provided built-in help.

You can insert subscript in 3 positions:

  • at left as <?> lsub {<?>}

    example: A lsub {i} for i A

  • at bottom as <?> csub {<?>}

    example: A csub {i}

  • at right as <?> _ {<?>}

    example: A_i for Ai

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This is what I’ve been looking for, thanks!

Yes, thanks! This works. I am mystified as to why these basic functionalities are so hard to find for the newcomer. I feel that I am making an important point. A little bit of user friendly could go a long ways toward the success of the product. (IMHO). Maybe that should be my mission if only I had the time : ( Very embarrassing to admit that I get a lot of value but am not contributing.

@PlowAhead: they are difficult because you forget an important point. You discover and try a new application assuming there is nothing new to learn. Every LO component comes with its own application guide. You can replace this guide with the built-in help if you make an important synthesis work in your head because it is not a tutorial.

Note also that Math has not bit updated for long and is lagging behind the others integration-wise.