How to use TAB key to show alternative input choices?

Running LibreOffice under CentOS 5.10. In OpenOffice Calc I can step through several choices to complete the data I am trying to enter into a cell by pressing the TAB key. If I do this in LibreOffice I just advance to the next column in the same row. How do I get this alternative completion functionality in LibreOffice? For example, if the column I am working in has the text strings “AAA” and “ABA” already in the column, then when I enter A in the cell the choice AAA is displayed (with the last two A’s in reverse video). Hit the Tab key, now the display shows ABA as the choice (with BA in reverse video). If I hit enter at this point the focus moves to the next cell with ABA as the entered data in the cell I was working in.


Use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab (back)