How to view clipboard history? (and suspected bug)

I’ve had a serious accident with LO Word (see below) and now my only hope to semi-reconstruct lost document seems to be to go to the clipboard history (I take it that LO Word has a clipboard history, like MS Word) and retrieve fragments previously copied & pasted. Please, folks, how can I access this clipboard history? Many many thanks in advance.

I seem to have a bug in my LO, as this is the second time it has happened: when I want to number pages and enter Insert > Fields > Page number, I find myself within a header, but the main text disapears. And I mean disappears: a file 21 pages long has become just 17 ks. A whole-week work wasted away, as my LO backup was not pre-activated (now is) and I’ve just discovered that frigging Windows 7 came pre-configurated to only backup weekly (d*mn and blast!).

Thanks again.

So far I know, neither MS Office or LO Office creates backup of clipboard… MS Office provides only clipboard history once open… it is not permanent clipboard history. However, I thought that clipboard is related to your system, not to LibreOffice directly… so I don’t think you will find such option.

Clipboard history is a component of MS Word, it sits next to your document and you can just click something that is part of the history list and it puts it into your document. Very handy. Shocked that it is not part of Libre and disappointed big time.

Thanks, Ljiljan. It would be enough for me to retrieve the clipboard history of today, before the catastrophe, as I’m keeping open LO writer because of this. How, then, would I retrieve today’s clipboard history, please?

Updating: Thanks all three for your suggestions. Yes, ctrl+Z was my first move the moment the accident happened (over and over again!); but I was unable to exit the header, unable to go back to the main text, and unable to retrieve it. It’s because of this that I suspect a bug.

So it was a very bad combination of factors (Windows 7 only backupping once a week instead of every day; LO Writer coming with the backup function not activated, and finally this weird bug). Hence my only hope to retrieve some text from the eleven lost pages was to try to rescue whatever could be left in a clipboard list, as I never closed LO yet. Are you really sure there is no way to retrieve clipboard’s immediate history the way you can with MS Word? I find it hard to believe that blasted Word is better than LO Writer in anything. I love LO Writer, even now.

Anyway, thanks again for your time.

This is not about the clipboard, but have you tried to use the Undo function?

@Rosanna - I hope you find a solution and recommend to have look at this recent thread.