How to view equations from MS Office in LibreOffice

Hello, I am trying to switch to LibreOffice full time, but the biggest hangup I have is the equations. I use powerpoint to make posters and presentations that feature lots of math equations, and when I try opening these files in LibreOffice, the equations do not display properly. How can I fix this. example.odp

  1. What version of LibreOffice did you try?

  2. Can you show us your file with presentation and formulas?

Do you need an editable equation or is an image sufficient for you? Which version of PowerPoint do you use?

I am using LibreOffice 6 and PowerPoint 2016. I wanted an editable equation since my boss sometimes changes things using powerpoint. Ill post a slide so you can see, the legible equations are latex images and the illegible ones are from the MS office equation editor.

One of the errors is, that both replacement graphic and formula is shown on top of each other. That is bug

But the second problem is, that the equation uses characters above U+ffff, e.g. a U+1d465 for an x. The result is, that the glyph by itself has a italic appearance and is put into italic by LibreOffice in addition. A second problem is, that the edit window cannot properly work with this character range. And third problem is, that most fonts do not contain such glyphs, so that font replacement is needed. Therefore you should exchange each character from that range with the corresponding normal letter. The new “Toggle Unicode Notation” tool works in Math as well, you only need to customize the toolbar to include it. So you can detect such characters.

This problem only exists in PowerPoint. If you copy the equation from PowerPoint to Word and save it, and then open the Word document in LibreOffice, the equation is imported correctly to Writer. So one workaround may be, to ask that you get a Word document with the changed equations. Then you would copy them from Writer to Impress.